jQWidgets 1.6

We are happy to announce the availability of jQWidgets 1.6. This release marks the debut of the jqxChart widget. jqxChart is an easy to use jQuery Chart widget. It is written 100% in JavasSript and uses W3C standards like HTML, CSS and SVG. jqxChart provides optimal chart rendering performance and visualization quality across browsers and devices (PCs, Laptops, Tablets & Smart phones). It automatically detects the browser capabilitiy and uses SVG rendering with hardware acceleration (when available) in modern browsers (IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera) and VML rendering in IE8 and earlier browsers. The ability to render both SVG and VML makes jqxChart an ideal choice for adding charting capabilities in your web sites and applications. Browser plugins are not required!

Highlights of the new version:

What’s New:

– jQuery Chart – jqxchart.js

jqxChart supports the following series types:

  • column – simple column series
  • stackedcolumn – stacked column series
  • stackedcolumn100 – percentage stacked columns
  • line – simple streight lines connecting the value points
  • stackedline – stacked lines
  • stackedline100 – percentage stacked lines
  • spline – smooth lines connecting the value points
  • stackedspline – smooth stacked lines
  • stackedspline100 – percentage stacked smooth lines
  • area – area connecting the value points with streight lines
  • stackedarea- stacked area with streight lines between the points
  • stackedline100 – percentage stacked area
  • areaspline – smooth area connecting the value points
  • stackedareaspline – smooth stacked areas
  • stackedareaspline100 – percentage stacked smooth area

– jQuery Data Source – jqxdata.js

What’s Improved:

– jqxGrid data binding capabilities. jqxGrid now supports binding to CSV and TSV data.

What’s Fixed:

– Fixed an issue regarding the jqxGrid rendering when the Grid is filtered and grouped. – Fixed an issue regarding the jqxGrid auto-height functionality. – Fixed an issue regarding the jqxTree scrolling in IE9. – Fixed an issue regarding the jqxTabs keyboard navigation. – Fixed an issue regarding the jqxTree checkbox rendering. – Fixed an issue regarding the jqxDocking move function.

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