This example shows you how to submit the content of the form to a url. This function works in a way similar to the standard HTML form submit method. The submit function takes 3 paramters: uri, target and submit method. The form submit target is optional and the default value is _blank. In this case, calling the submit function will open the uri in a new window. The 3rd parameter allows you to choose between HTTP GET and POST when submitting the form's data. If you don't set the paramter, the default value is POST. Not all inputs defined in the form's template will be submitted. The submit will use the input elements name, as specified in the template. If name is not present, it will try to use the corresponding id or value binding name. If none of these properties are present, the input element will be skipped. In addition, button and labels are skipped by default. If you need, for some reasons, to have an input element in the form, but not submit it, set the 'submit' property of the respective tool to false.