jqxCalendar represents a jQuery calendar widget that enables the user to select a date using a visual monthly calendar display. You can use it in multiple languages, change the week starting day, highlight certain days and use rich content tooltips. Try jqxCalendar in our jsEditor - cloud solution for JavaScript, HTML and CSS editing, hosting and sharing your web development ideas!


  • Localization
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Special Dates
  • Works across devices and browsers
  • Web Standards Compliant
  • Rich and easy to use JavaScript API
  • Easy customization and built-in themes


The Calendar component has full localization support. You can easily apply culture specific information, such as language, country, day and month strings and first day of week.

Keyboard Navigation

With jqxCalendar you to navigate through dates and different months. Keyboard navigation is perfect for application scenarios where accessibility is an important factor.

Special Dates

With jqxCalendar, you can easily add special days, such as holidays, birthdays, etc. You can also associate a tooltip to each special day.