Excel-like Edit & Selection coming with jQWidgets 2.5.5

In the next version of jQWidgets, the jqxGrid widget will come with a new cells selection mode which resembles the behavior of the spreadsheet in MS Excel. The Editing and Keyboard Navigation in that mode will be like in a spreadsheet so end-users who frequently use MS Excel should have no learning curve, when they start using jqxGrid for a first time. Another significant improvement will be the support of Copy, Cut and Paste using Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V keyboard combinations. Pressing the Del key will delete the values of the selected cells. jQWidgets 2.5.5 will come with 20 new samples and 2 new themes – Office and Metro. The upcoming version will be with improved support for Internet Explorer 10 and WinJS. jqxgrid-spreadsheet

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