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The upcoming release of jQWidgets will introduce the Grid’s integrated charting functionality. The charting is implemented through our jqxChart component and is using the Grid data source. jqxChart can also be exported to .PDF, .PNG of .JPEG.

Grid Charting

There are two approaches to create a Chart:

Create a Chart by using the jqxGrid’s Cells or Rows selection.
Create a Chart by using the jqxGrid and jqxChart API. This solution allows us to use the full data set.

The Toolbar with Charting options is displayed in the jqxGrid toolbar. When you click on a Chart Type, the Grid will create it and display it in jqxWindow. To create Charts, users will need to import the jqxGrid, jqxChart and jqxWindow related files.

Below is displayed a jqxChart created through cells selection by dragging.

Two new Column types will also be included in the next version of jQWidgets.

Progress Bar Column

Ratings Column

All of the above features will be available for Angular, React, Vue and Javascript.

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