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    I get the same problem.
    I’am evaluating the jqxKanban to use it in my project.

    For test purpose i resolved this issue edditing the jqxkanban.js file on my node_modules folder.

    replacing the line bellow in the method addItem:"kanban-item-id", e);
    to"kanban-item-id", b);

    This works fine only with your own id.

    They have some issue in the other part of code that set the “new id”:
    var e = (n._source != null) ? n._source.length : 0;
    You can’t get just the lenght of the array for a new id.
    You will get a classic problem when add and remove itens…

    I’m waiting the fix to, maybe, use it in my project…


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)