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    When I Click on Dropdown to select value, the whole grid values and Column names turning into green. Clearly the whole grid selecting.
    I have tried the way by changing properties , but Didn’t find an issue, Please need some help.

    Here is my Code:
    var nestedGridAdapter = new $.jqx.dataAdapter(srcDetails);

    if (grid != null) {
    source: nestedGridAdapter,
    width: ‘80%’,
    height: 250,
    sortable: true,
    pageable: true,
    theme: ‘classic’,
    filterable: true,
    groupable: false,
    editable: true,
    autoheight: false,
    selectionmode: ‘checkbox’,
    editmode: ‘click’,
    columns: [

    text: ‘Dropdown’, datafield: ‘Code’, width: ‘18%’,
    displayfield: ‘Name’, columntype: ‘dropdownlist’, type: ‘string’,
    createeditor: function (row, value, editor) {

    editor.attr(‘rowId’, row);
    editor.addClass(‘class’, ”);
    editor.jqxDropDownList({ source: Adapter, theme: “classic”, enableSelection: true, displayMember: ‘DisplayName’, valueMember: ‘Code’, autoDropDownHeight: true });

    editor.bind(‘change’, function (event) {
    if (event.args.item) {
    var selectedRowIndex = parseInt(editor.attr(“rowId”));
    if (confirm(“are you sure, you want to change a name?”))
    var indexs = grid.jqxGrid(‘selectedrowindexes’);

    //add current select row if no checkboxes selected
    if (indexs.length === 0) {
    var eanName = [];
    for (var i = 0; i < indexs.length; i++) {
    var rowData = grid.jqxGrid(‘getrowdata’, indexs[i]);
    grid.jqxGrid(‘setcellvalue’, indexs[i], ‘Name’, event.args.item.label);
    var eanDetails = { EAN: rowData.EAN, Code: event.args.item.value };
    sendMail(eanName, event.args.item.value);
    initeditor: function (row, cellvalue, editor, celltext, cellwidth, cellheight) {


    Hello Sandy,

    Please, clarify your case.
    What do you want to achieve?
    If you want to change the style of the whole row which is edited then you could try this demo:
    I hope this will help.

    Best Regards,
    Hristo Hristov

    jQWidgets team

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