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    I am trying to implement virtual scrolling in a jqxGrid. As I understand it, when I initialize the grid, I need to set its rendergridrows to a function that it can call to get data for specific rows. I have done this with local data to prove to myself that it works, but I am having trouble doing it with remote data.

    Inside the rendergridrows function, I would like to make an async ajax call to get the data. When I make the async ajax call, I give it a function to call when it finishes and it immediately returns. At this point I have nothing to return in rendergridrows. Later, when the ajax call finishes, I have the data that the gird requested, but rendergridrows has already finished.

    Is there a way to make this work?

    Thank you.

    Peter Stoev


    That will not work if you make Ajax calls in a function which has the purpose to return an array of rows to be rendered in the Grid.

    We have a sample with Virtual Scrolling in the phpdemos folder in the download package. It implements virtual scrolling with data which comes from MySQL DB.

    Best Regards,
    Peter Stoev

    jQWidgets Team


    Dear Peter Stoev,

    We are also facing the same issue, however the problem is we are using Angular and as must be aware Angulr Http get returns promise which is async.
    Now in our case we have lots of data (in thousands) and we must use virtual scrolling. What do you suggest for the same. Is there any plan to solve this issue ?

    We are planning for Enterprise product and want to Use jqwidgets thought our product but sorry to say this sounds like a blocker for us.

    Gaurav Joshi


    Hi Guys,

    Any news about supporting Async Virtual Scrolling? Specifically, Angular HTTP promises.



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