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    The jqxValidator does not work in jqxWindow.
    How do I use jqxValidator in jqxWindow?

    For example,
    1. Set jqxValidator on screen A. (At this time, “validate” works.)
    2. Transit to Screen B with “routerLink”.
    3. Move to screen A with “routerLink”. (At this time, “validate” does not work.)

    ~~~ template code. ~~~

    <jqxWindow [isModal]="true">
        <jqxValidator #testValidator (onValidationSuccess)="onSuccess();" [rules]="testRules">
          <form id="testForm">
            <jqxInput #testText id="testText"></jqxInput>
            <jqxButton (onClick)="validate()">Validate</jqxButton>

    ~~~ typescript code. ~~~

    @ViewChild('testValidator', { static: false }) testValidator: jqxValidatorComponent;
    testRules = [
      { input: '#testText', message: 'ERROR!!', action: 'keyup, blur', rule: 'required' }
    onSuccess() {
    validate() {
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    Hello hayato,

    The approach that you could try to use for this is with the createInstance method.
    You could look at this demo for a reference.
    Another approach that you could use is with Dynamic Injection which provides you the option to add the wanted component wherever you want.
    Please, take a look at this tutorial.

    Best Regards,
    Hristo Hristov

    jQWidgets team


    Hi Hristo.

    Thank you for answering.

    I was able to solve it safely.

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