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    Good day,

    I have a “main” tab system, and inside one of the contents I have another tab system (with different name, id, etc. of course), – a tab inside a tab.
    On the main tab I have events a couple of events like:

    jQuery('#mainTab').on('unselecting', function(event){ ... } )
    jQuery('#mainTab').on('selected', function(event){ ... } )

    now I have the following problem, when I navigate the inner tab, these events are called for these tabs too, any solutions how I can prevent this issue?

    Thank you.

    Tab inside tab issue #53579


    Hello flevi,

    This behaviour is called event bubbling. To avoid it, bind to the inner tabs’ events and return false in their handlers:

    jQuery('#innerTab').on('unselecting', function(event){ return false; } )
    jQuery('#innerTab').on('selected', function(event){ return false; } )

    Another possibility is:

    jQuery('#innerTab').on('unselecting', function(event){ event.stopPropagation(); } )
    jQuery('#innerTab').on('selected', function(event){ event.stopPropagation(); } )

    Best Regards,

    jQWidgets team

    Tab inside tab issue #53580


    It does the job, thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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