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    On jqxSlider, moving the slide thumb issues a Change event BEFORE “slideStart”.
    See console of fiddle for example. It typically doesn’t happen on the first slide, but almost always happens on later ones.

    This extra change event is troublesome because I am trying to minimize my event processing since it is lengthy and asynchronous. For thumb slides, I am processing “slideEnd”. However, for the buttons, I need to watch “change” events.

    Since I am watching the “change” events, I want to ignore everything during a thumb slide, so I watch for slideStart and set a flag to ignore change events until I see slideEnd. Unfortunately, the extra change event appears outside of the slideStart/slideEnd pair, so it gets processed (and messes up my processing by queuing up an unexpected change event at the start).

    1. Is it possible to remove this initial “change” event from before the “slideStart”?
    2. And/or, is it possible to have a separate event for changes due to the button?

    Slider Button Event #82655


    Hello Gary,

    Could you try bind ‘change’ event when you need from this and it is possible to use unbind() in case that you do not need.
    Also you could use ‘left’ and ‘right’ (ex. “.jqx-slider-right”) arrows from the Slider and method ‘getValue’, when value is changet from the buttons.

    Best Regards,
    Hristo Hristov

    jQWidgets team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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