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    I’m using vue.js in conjunction with several v4.4 jqx controls. I’m trying to avoid all the JS code to initialize the values of the controls.

    The DateTimeInput control allow me to do this via a ‘value’ property:

    <div id=’jqxDateTimePicker’ v-bind:value=”model.Data.Date”></div>

    The jqxDateTimeInput control has a ‘selectedIndex’ property, but I cannot seem to set it the same way:

    <div id=’jqxSourceDropdownList’ v-bind:selectedIndex=”model.Data.SourceIndex”></div>

    Does anyone know why this does not work?

    As a side note – is there any way to (generally) set the control initial values in markup? Seems like a good feature to support all these JS binding frameworks.

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    Hello coreyw,

    Unfortunately, we do not have any experience with this framework.
    Do you receive any error message in the console? Also, do you have success with simple initialization of that widget (without set any properties or set methods)?

    Best Regards,
    Hristo Hristov

    jQWidgets team

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    Hello coreyw.

    I know that Vue exists but I’ve never used it. The new feature called “Custom Elements” can do what you need and I think that can be combined with Vue. See this example in a jqxDropDownList.
    Like I always say: “jqWidgets es el├ístico”.

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