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    I hope this is the correct forum to post this. I would like to request some enhancements for your consideration.

    1.) The ability to use jQuery Themes.

    2.) A page layout Widget simular to the Splitter but with the ability to hide the spilt bars and the ability to adjust to page sizes.

    3.) A Rich Text editor would be my number one enhancement. (Dojo like)

    4.) An Object container Widget simular to your drag and drop example, each container would be loaded via JSON for the data and Ajax for the object container (Code Snippet) or item layout as in your example. This could be a very flexable Widget for commercial web catalogs or online store designs. Something like for every JSON object, load a new Ajax container (This could be any form code snippet that has corrsponding elements ID’s to the JSON object. (Form elements, label, image, div, and input id’s matching the JSON Object name) ) This idea comes from the Flex (Now Dead) components.

    Request #2973

    Peter Stoev

    Hi David,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    1. We will implement an online Theme Builder application which will allow you to easily create themes for our widgets. You can take a look at our Roadmap.

    2. We will think about such jQuery widget. However, such layout can be easily achieved with DIV tags with height and width in percentages.

    3. We will consider implementing a Rich Text Editor for the future versions.

    4. I think that this may become a great integration example with our widgets.

    Best Wishes,
    Peter Stoev

    jQWidgets Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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