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    In this first fiddle, the initial range is being changed from 10-50 to 0-34. It appears to do this whether I have snapToTicks set to true or false.

    I understand that it is not possible to represent all of the minor or major ticks in the available width. However, I am surprised that the initial values are being lost before the markers are even being moved.


    In this second fiddle, the initial range is being forced to the minor tick interval (3 months) even though snapToTicks is set to false. If I set the minor tick interval to (1 month) I can see/scroll to each month tick, so this does not appear to be a pixel precision issue even if units were being forced to months (which I wouldn’t expect).

    If snapToTicks was false, I would think that I could select any DATE, at least to pixel precision.

    Is the greater of the minor tick interval OR pixel precision always the minimum unit?
    Is snapToTicks purely a visual setting that does not affect available values? (Even if that is true, it always appears to snap to the tick lines.)

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    Hello Gary,

    Thanks for using our product.
    Thank you for the points that note. All will be discussed in details.
    About date appear is not possible to show whole range of ticks in container with some small width.
    The property ‘snapToTicks’ is deprecated and we will erase it from API Documentation.

    Best Regards,
    Hristo Hristov

    jQWidgets team

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