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    I noticed that grid has some specific behavior with scrolling – the best examle is:

    The thing is that grid content jums all the way down (or up) at some point, while scrolling with mouse wheel – its like hitting pg-down in the middle of scrolling…
    After some playing with this, I figure out that when scroll reaches the number of not displayed rows less than a number that fits the displyed grid content, it automaticaly jumps down and displys them all.
    In example above, if you select “Ethiopia – Addis Abeba”, you can see that when scrolling passes that row, jups down, displaying rest of the rows, and the selected row is first above that is not in the current view.
    If you now scroll up, the same thing happens in reverse direction – this time “UK – London” row is the one that represents that point.

    Is this bug, or feature? Or none?
    In last version that I used (v1.6) this was not present…

    Question about scrolling in v1.8 #2823

    Peter Stoev

    Hi pile,

    Thank you for pointing this out. The reported mouse-wheel scrolling experience actually depends on the new verticalscrollbarlargestep property. The new property was introduced in jQWidgets 1.8. If you want to return the old mouse-wheel scrolling experience in your application, you can set the ‘verticalscrollbarlargestep’ to 25. The default value of the ‘rowsheight’ property is 25, so setting the verticalscrollbarlargestep to 25 will ensure that you are scrolling only by one row up or down.

    width: 670,
    source: dataAdapter,
    theme: theme,
    columnsresize: true,
    verticalscrollbarlargestep: 25,
    columns: [
    { text: 'Country Name', datafield: 'countryName', width: 200 },
    { text: 'City', datafield: 'name', width: 170 },
    { text: 'Population', datafield: 'population', cellsformat: 'f', width: 170 },
    { text: 'Continent Code', datafield: 'continentCode', minwidth: 110 }

    Best Regards,
    Peter Stoev

    jQWidgets Team

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