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    Is there a way to prevent a window close, once caught the “closed” event?

    I would like to intercept this event with a famous “Are you sure?” message and give the user possibility to get back to the window.

    Thank you,


    Preventing closing a wndow #11956

    Peter Stoev

    Hi Aleks,

    We will consider adding ‘closing’ event with option to cancel it in a future version. We will create a work item about your feature request.

    Best Wishes,
    Peter Stoev

    jQWidgets Team

    Preventing closing a wndow #18636



    I would also like to suggest this is a very valuable feature. Users do goofy things and to make products friendly we have to ensure they don’t lose unsaved edits or fix errors before leaving such that data can be saved. Currently the process is ugly as the dialog fully closes and the only thing I can do is reopen the dialog, but that quickly becomes a hack as you have to bypass all the normal open functions as this is a “reopen”. Bottom line, having the ability to cancel the close would be a nice addition.


    Preventing closing a wndow #21264


    I was searching the site to see if there was a way to cancel the close of a windows if after some validation I find errors when I stumbled on this post. So… It there a way or not. According to this post, there isn’t. Can you suggest a way to perform validation and cancel the close of a window.

    I’m assuming I could hide the “X” (close button), add two button binding each to a function which would do the validation and close the windows but that would not be super clean.

    If there isn’t a clean way to do this, I would also like to suppor the request for a “closing” event that would allow for adding validation to the form.

    Thank you

    Preventing closing a wndow #49933


    Did something new happen about that? I also need this feature.

    Preventing closing a wndow #50531


    Peter Stoev ?
    Dimitar ?
    Is there any page where we can vote for features?

    Preventing closing a wndow #82640


    Hi out there!
    If someone is still looking for some workarround for this, what I did on my jqxWindow was:

    – showCloseButton: false
    – cancelButton: null
    – keyboardCloseKey :’none’

    then I created a jqxButton (#closeWinButton) and:

    $(‘#closeWinButton’).on(‘click’, function() {
    if( $(“#some_condition”).val() ) {
    if( confirm(“Do you really want to exit (without saving) ?”) ) {
    } else {

    Preventing closing a wndow #99080


    Is there any advance on this?

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