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    I have a performance problem.
    I like to display a lot of small charts.
    There aren’t much data on one chart.

    But everytime the charts redraw the whole browser lags for several seconds.
    You can’t do anything during this draw process. It isn’t event possible to change the side.

    Do I miss something in my configuration?
    Or is this a normal behaviour?

    I made a plunker to show my issue

    Just resize the window to force the problem.

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    Hi schueppi,

    The sample you’ve provided from plunkr really has performance issues but that’s due to the editor itself not a problem with the widget or the way you initialize it. We tested your code in a web browser like a normal application and it works without any issues. It doesn’t lag when resizing and the loading timers are normal considering that you’re loading a lot of charts with the ng-repeat.

    Best Regards,

    jQWidgets Team

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