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    Hi Peter et al,

    I’m trying to use the following page in Offline mode (Mobile Safari, iOS 6.1.3, iPhone 3GS) but it doesn’t appear to be caching the customers.txt file which is used to load the Combo Box.


    In the cache.manifest file I have the following line for the customers.txt file.


    After saving the page to the Home Screen and setting the phone to Airplane Mode and then reopening the page from the Home Screen, the Combo Box is blank.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks, Michael.

    Peter Stoev


    You cannot cache something which works on the client side. It is realoaded each time. To cache data, you may use Cookies i.e save and load some data depending on certain condition . In addition, you should not that Ajax works with HTTP protocol so you should run scripts that load data through a Web Server(not offline).

    Best Regards,
    Peter Stoev

    jQWidgets Team


    Hi Peter,

    If the Javascript files can be cached, then, why not the customers.txt file?

    On the initial online access of a Mobile Web Application, can a text file (json, xml, csv, etc) be read and stored in Local Storage using the Web Storage API?

    Thanks, Michael.

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