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    Klaus H


    I am having a problem: I am using the Dropdownlist with entries that start with a numeric 4 digit code. I can use the normal numbers from the keyboard to navigate to the entry I want directly. But when I use the numbers from the numlock the dropdownlist shows no reaction. When I disable the numlock I can use the keys to navigate through the entries with the arrow layout of the numlock. But with activated numlock there is no reaction. I personally have this behaviour but also the customer does

    I wanted to give you an example on jsfiddle, but unfortunately saving of forking does not work for me right now. But you can use this one:

    and replace the source with:

       var source = [
           "1 Affogato",
           "2 Americano",
           "3 Bicerin",
           "4 Breve",
           "5 Café Bombón",
           "6 Café au lait",
           "7 Caffé Corretto",
           "8 Café Crema",
           "9 Caffé Latte"];

    Could you please check this behaviour?

    Best regards
    Klaus H

    Numlock not working to select entry #107819


    Hello Klaus H,

    Thank you for this feedback.
    I will discuss this with my colleagues.

    Best Regards,
    Hristo Hristov

    jQWidgets team

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