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    Hi Team,

    We are using jqxwidgets with angular js. we are using jqx-navigation-bar tag to generate the navigation bar, under this tag we are using ng-repeat to generate the nav tabs but ng-repeat is not working, no navigation item is generated, Below is the usage.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    data in $scope of directive –

    		$scope.data = [
                            groupName   : 'Notifications Type 1',
                            unreadCount : 3,
                            notifications : ['Notification 1', 'Notification 1']
                            groupName   : 'Notifications Type 2',
                            unreadCount : 4,
                            notifications : ['Notification 2', 'Notification 2']

    and below is, how we are using the jqx-navigation-bar in template

                               <jqx-navigation-bar id="jqxnavigationbar" jqx-settings="navigationBarSettings" jqx-create="navigationBarSettings">
                                    <div ng-repeat-start="group in data" style="font-size:14px !important;">
                                        <div class="alertCounts">{{group.unreadCount}} Unread</div>
                                    <div  id="containermain" style="padding:0px;" ng-repeat-end>
                                        <div id="container" style="width: 100%; overflow: hidden;">
                                            <div ng-repeat="name in group.notifications" class='testnote' message_count='' style='cursor:pointer;'>
                                                <div class='row' style='overflow:hidden !important; padding:0px !important;'>
                                                    <div class='col-xs-12'>
    ng-repeat in jqxNavigationBar #102481


    Hello ashvani18,

    I would like to suggest you look at this example.
    I made some changes to your code and add if statement, too.
    I hope this will help.

    Best Regards,
    Hristo Hristov

    jQWidgets team

    ng-repeat in jqxNavigationBar #102489


    Thanks Hristo,

    I have used the <jqx-expander> it works well with ng-repeat and no need to use the jquery way of creating the element

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