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    Hey everyone.
    I am beginning to work with mobile devices and working with your examples.
    The simulator script assists with determining what type of device and I believe loads the correct css.

    I have two questions.
    1) Do I have to have the simulator script to determine which device is loading, in order for the page to show correctly?
    2) Will jqxwidget automatically determine the type of device (mobile vs tablet)?

    If I remove the following code which is in all of the mobile examples.

    var theme = prepareSimulator("dataTable");
    <div id="demoContainer" class="device-mobile">
       <div id="container" class="device-mobile-container">

    I get nothing displayed, and browser has no errors.
    What could be the problem.

    Do you have an example for a mobile device that does not have your simulator?

    Thanks for anything that you can provide.

    mobile devices simulator #55454

    Peter Stoev

    Hi Eric,

    I think you missed the idea what our simulator is. The simulator is used for PC only. You don’t have to work with the simulator at all as it is for demo purposes only. My suggestion is to use your browser’s built-in mobile device emulator and better use real devices. Chrome has nice debugger with emulator.

    Best Regards,
    Peter Stoev

    jQWidgets Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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