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    Hello everyone, I have a problem using some of your widgets with others :

    I have on the same page a Grid, ProgressBars in the Grid, And a JqxWindow if you click on a button.

    Here is the problem : If I open the jqxWindow, ProgressBars get erased (the div i used to build it is still here but progressbar seems destroyed)

    var settingsAvancement = {
    		function progBar (records) {
    			$(".progres").each(function(index, element){
    				var avancement = $(this).data("avancement");
    				$(this).jqxProgressBar({theme:theme, value: avancement, showText: true});
    				return records;
    dataAvancement = new $.jqx.dataAdapter(sourceAvancement ,settingsAvancement);
    $("#popupWindow").jqxWindow({maxWidth: 2000, maxHeight: 1000, width: winW-100, height: winH-100, resizable: false, theme: theme, isModal: true, autoOpen: false, modalOpacity: 0.01 });
    $('#habilitation').on('rowdoubleclick', function (event) 
    		var args = event.args;
    		var row = args.rowindex;
    		var dataRecord = $("#habilitation").jqxGrid('getrowdata',row);
    		var idpers = dataRecord.idpers;
    		var note= dataRecord.note;			
    		//alert (nomPersonne);
    		$.post("rapport_quizz.php" ,
    			{idpers: idpers, note: note  } ,
    			function(data) {
    		$('#popupWindow').jqxWindow({maxWidth: 2000, maxHeight: 1000, minWidth: 800, minHeight: 600,	width: winW - 100, height: winH - 100,	theme: theme, resizable: false, isModal: true, autoOpen: false, modalZIndex: 1000, modalBackgroundZIndex: 999, modalOpacity: 0.3});
    JqxWindow hiding JqxProgressBar #46940

    Peter Stoev

    Hi ashensugar,

    If your progress bars are in jqxWindow and you do $(“.jqx-window-content”).html(data), then the widget would be erased. If you would like from us to test your scenario, then please provide a full sample which demonstrates it.

    Best Regards,
    Peter Stoev

    jQWidgets Team

    JqxWindow hiding JqxProgressBar #48014


    Thanks for the answer, but finally i by-passed the issue by databinding my grid (the one with the progressbars) when i close the window. Everything works fine and we have a nice animation of progressbars each time we close the window ^^.
    Thanks Peter have a nice day

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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