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    I use jqxTree and I defined this function for select item by value:


        function GetjqxTreeItemByValue(jqxTreeObject, value) {
            var rItem = null;
            var TreeItems = jqxTreeObject.jqxTree(‘getItems’);
            for (var i in TreeItems) {
                jqxTreeObject.jqxTree(‘expandItem’, TreeItems[i]);
                if (TreeItems[i][‘value’] == value) {
                    rItem = TreeItems[i];
                jqxTreeObject.jqxTree(‘collapseItem’, TreeItems[i]);
            return rItem;


    Everything is good working but collapseItem row. I tried this row stand alone and it’s worked but in this case it’s not working.


    I’m waiting for help.




    Note: I’m using jqx-all.js and v2.9.3
    jqxTree collapseItem Problem #26303

    Peter Stoev

    Hi gibafsar,

    The code will not work because it is not possible to expand and collapse a Tree item at the same time. You can collapse an item after it is expanded i.e after the expand animation has completed.

    Best Regards,
    Peter Stoev

    jQWidgets Team

    jqxTree collapseItem Problem #26320


    Thank you very much for your answer Peter.

    I’ll try another way to solve this problem perforce or I may leave it in this case. It won’t be big problem.

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