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    I’m just started using the jqxScheduler. Everything is fine, but I was not able to make a time input visible, when a new appointment should be created. The window is opened and it is only possible to enter a date or select one. When I’m editing an existing appointment, the time selection is possible. I’ve inserted “editDialogDateTimeFormatString” but without any result. I tried it also via the editDialogCreate method but found no fitting solution
    How is it possible to have a time selection while creating a new appointment.


    Solved this problem. When the dialog was created, in the coresponding function, the allday-field was hidden. And it seems that the appointment is set to “allday” by default.


    Thanks chrisK, had exactly the same issue – you saved me a few hours there!

    As a follow-up, when I enable “allDay” field, it shows up as selected (no time provided, wrong date format), I have to deselect it for the time to appear and the data format to become correct. Is there any way to have “allDay” not be shown, yet be deselected so that the time shows up and the date field format is correct??

    Thank you

    PS: Just to add, anything I do only seems to affect the first time openDialog opens (when i try to add a new appointment), for all other times I add a new appointment, none of these settings take effect – please help.

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    Hello Oleg,

    The mentioned editDialogCreate callback is useful for this purpose.
    You could transform the default dialog.
    Please, take a look at this demo:
    Also, you could use the editDialogOpen callback which you need to implement for all other cases when the dialog is open after the initial creation.

    Best Regards,
    Hristo Hristov

    jQWidgets team

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