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    How can i bind it inside ng loop as I am having multiple delete buttons and it is giving error jqxPopover: Invalid Popover toggler: \”#container1\”.”
    Here is my Code:

                                            [selector]="'#container' + citydatadetails1.id"
                                            [offset]="{ left: 300, top: -9 }"
                                        <div>You want to delete</div>
                                    <jqxButton id="container{{citydatadetails1.id}}">
                                        <i class="fa fa-trash"></i>

    If i bind with static id it works fine

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    Hello ansh143,

    I would like to suggest you try to use the class selector:

    <jqxPopover #popover
      <div #employees> testing example </div>
    <div class="classpopover">
        <jqxButton id="test" style="float: right; margin-top: 10px; padding: 8px 0px; border-radius: 6px;"
            [width]="140" [height]="35">View Employees</jqxButton>

    Let me know if this does not help you.

    Best Regards,
    Hristo Hristov

    jQWidgets team

    jqxPopover on dynamic element in *ngfor #102753


    try this solution :

    you must set 'auto-create=false'  and create popover component in afterViewInit State
    1- your popover :
    [selector]="'.' + uniqName">
    2- your container :
    3-  in '... .component.ts'  please implement AfterViewInit:
    import { jqxPopoverComponent } from 'jqwidgets-scripts/jqwidgets-ts/angular_jqxpopover';
        @ViewChild('removePopover') removePopover: jqxPopoverComponent;
        ngAfterViewInit(): void {
         if (this.removePopover) {
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