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    So I’m using jqxChartComponents, using the jqwidgets-ng package and exerything works fine while im testing and even building for development. However when I build my application for production with
    ng build –prod –base-href .
    and I deploy it to a tomcat server, the charts stop working and I get the following error on the console

    main.d414d12cf6aaddaf809d.js:1 ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): ReferenceError: JQXLite is not defined
    ReferenceError: JQXLite is not defined
    at new t (main.d414d12cf6aaddaf809d.js:1)
    at Mi (main.d414d12cf6aaddaf809d.js:1)
    at ji (main.d414d12cf6aaddaf809d.js:1)
    at la (main.d414d12cf6aaddaf809d.js:1)
    at _a (main.d414d12cf6aaddaf809d.js:1)
    at ma (main.d414d12cf6aaddaf809d.js:1)
    at la (main.d414d12cf6aaddaf809d.js:1)
    at ia (main.d414d12cf6aaddaf809d.js:1)
    at Object.xa [as createRootView] (main.d414d12cf6aaddaf809d.js:1)
    at e.create (main.d414d12cf6aaddaf809d.js:1)
    at P (polyfills.8bbb231b43165d65d357.js:1)
    at P (polyfills.8bbb231b43165d65d357.js:1)
    at polyfills.8bbb231b43165d65d357.js:1
    at e.invokeTask (polyfills.8bbb231b43165d65d357.js:1)
    at Object.onInvokeTask (main.d414d12cf6aaddaf809d.js:1)
    at e.invokeTask (polyfills.8bbb231b43165d65d357.js:1)
    at t.runTask (polyfills.8bbb231b43165d65d357.js:1)
    at g (polyfills.8bbb231b43165d65d357.js:1)
    at t.invokeTask [as invoke] (polyfills.8bbb231b43165d65d357.js:1)
    at m (polyfills.8bbb231b43165d65d357.js:1)

    this only happens when I build for production, and this error only happens when I try to load any page with a chart on it. How could I fix it?

    JQXLite is not defined #105007


    Hello abilbaolavieja,

    Could you, please, try to reinstall the latest version of jqwidgets-ng (delete node_modules and the dependency in package.json before that) and check of you still encounter this issue.
    If this doesn’t help, please, send us an example of how you are using the chart.
    Thank you!

    Best Regards,

    jQWidgets Team

    JQXLite is not defined #105023


    Hi Martin

    I reinstalled jqwidgets-ng 2 or 3 times before posting this questions, and the issue remained. However I decided to build my project with this command
    ng build –prod –base-href=. –aot=false –buildOptimizer=false
    and it is working now. If you still need to check how I’m using the chart here is the code
    TS file

    selectedServerSessionSpaceObjectsLoadTime: SpaceObjectLoadTime[]; 
    xAxis: any = {
        dataField: 'date',
        rangeSelector: {
          size: 100,
          dataField: 'loadTime',
          showGridLines: false
      padding: any = { left: 50, top: 5, right: 50, bottom: 5 };
      colorScheme = 'scheme01';
      seriesGroups: any[] = [{
        type: 'line',
        series: [{
          dataField: 'loadTime',
          displayText: 'Loading Time (ms)'
    getWidth() {
        return '1200';
    getHeight() {
        return '800';

    HTML file:

    <jqxChart #sessionChart id="space-objects-chart"
      [width]="getWidth()" [height]="getHeight()"
    JQXLite is not defined #105078

    Ivo Zhulev

    Hi abilbaolavieja,

    Can you please confirm you are using jqwidgets-ng version 7.2.1?

    Best Regards,

    jQWidgets Team

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