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    jqxDateTimeInput’s calendar popup freezes sometimes.

    Here’s scenario how I reproduced.

    1. Click a calendar button of DateTimeInput widget and Calendar popup shows up.

    2. Click the header of the popup to show the decade selection view.

    3. Click previous/next year button frequently.

    4. Click a decade cell to move to year or month view.

    5. Repeat from No. 2



    Hello sunjoong,

    We tested what you have reported, but didn’t see anything wrong with the widget.
    The problem could come from the browser and the version that you are using. Could you please give us that information and if you found any other way of re-creating this issue, please share it with us.

    Best Regards,

    jQWidgets Team


    Thanks for quick answer.

    Yes, it is hard to reproduce. I couldn’t find exact reason why such a problem occurs.

    I tested IE, Chrome (Version 62) on Windows 7.
    And same issue is reproduced on Mac with Chrome.

    I think something wrong with the animation and setTimeout logic.

    I clicked my mouse super fast many times for changing calendar views rapidly.

    Sadly, that’s how I reproduced.



    Furthermore, I set navigationDelay ’10 ms’ to avoid the frozen issue on jqxCalendar widget which is used by jqxDateTimeInput


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