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  • cibzash

    Hello –

    I am using jqx Widget’s Save View and Load View in my code. However save view is not saving the type of my column and hence i have an issue with sorting for numbers.

    I have a column which is number and sorting works fine with out any issues before save state. As soon as I save the state and load it back(loadstate() and savestate()), it’s considering the column as string instead of number and sorting is failing. This field is defined as number in API and i have the type as ‘number’ in my html as well.

    <grid-column align=”center” type=”number” width=”10%” [hidden]=”true”>
    <grid-cell id=”countId” field=”workItem.count”></grid-cell>

    Peter Stoev

    Hi cibzash,

    I suppose that the template elements – grid-column and grid-cell are part of your custom implementation as our grid does not have such. We also do not have “type” property of the jqxGrid columns. The column’s type depends on the bound data field’s “type” prop.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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