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    In the mean time I found myself the solution:
    – jqxWindow expects a Header and a Content div for correct initialization. I have both forgotten to implement. You can delete this Topic!

    I’m trying to create a very Basic jqxwindow in my asp.net mvc 4 web application and receive the following error:

    Unhandled exception at line 7, column 8596 in http://localhost:59948/Scripts/jqwidgets/jqxwindow.js
    0x800a139e – Laufzeitfehler in JavaScript: Invalid structure!

    I have the following div defined:
    <div id=“jqwindow”></div>

    The JavaCode to open the window:
    $(‘#jqwindow’).jqxWindow({ content: ‘Neues Pony erfassen’ });

    My mvc solution is based on Jquery 1.9.1, Jquery-ui 1.10.0 and jqwidgets 2.7.0.

    Could you help me please?


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