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  • I found some bug in JqxGrid #88215


    Hi, please fix this.
    First bug:

    file “jqxgrid.storage.js”, line 350, you use variable “value” in function “$.jqx.dataFormat.tryparsedate(value)” but the correct one is “value2”.

    Second bug:

    when in a grid I use “autosavestate:true” and I load the state when enter into my page there is a problem with column type date and date filter (normal and range).
    The problem occur because the code doesn’t recognize the globalization settings for dates (it-IT in my case).

    Exemple: in your code you write:

    var from = new Date(value);

    But in Italy my date, for exemple is “31/10/2016” and for you it’s incorrect because for your code the month is 31.
    Or if I set date to “01/09/2016” that for me it’s first of September, your code transform my date in 9 of January!

    Then I think before to set a new Date you have to code the pattern writing “var from = $.jqx.dataFormat.tryparsedate(value)”

    Please also tell me how to correctly set the global pattern.


    I found some bug in JqxGrid #88234


    Hi dadiduekappa,

    Thank you for your feedback. The second issue that you have isn’t a bug. You just need to set the cellsformat of the Date column to fit your needs, in your case it will be “cellsformat: ‘d/M/yyyy'”.
    Here is a demo:

    Best Regards,

    jQWidgets Team

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    I found some bug in JqxGrid #88262


    thank’s for your reply.
    I already use cellsformat on grid column to specify my format. But debugging your code, the value 1/10/2016 became 10 Jan 2016.
    Another thing, I use autosavestate=true and when I came back on my list, all filters are loaded but if there is a filter on a date (or range) something goes wrong and the filter fails to load.

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