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  • How to disable "itemMoved" event? #107398


    How to disable “itemMoved” event? I don’t want for some users to be able to move cards on kanban

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    How to disable "itemMoved" event? #107409


    Hello baurzhan,

    You could disable the dragging of the items by setting them this css: pointer-events: none.
    Please, check the following Example.

    Best Regards,

    jQWidgets Team

    How to disable "itemMoved" event? #107429


    Hello Martin,
    Your solution is work, but problem that if I add “pointer-events: none” for my cards it is disable all events on my cards.
    For example, after adding new css, I can’t click on worker name on the card to get modal window with some information

    Can there be other solutions? something like returning the card to his own place after moving.
    Or some other css solutions, which will not block other events

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