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  • i have many columns in JQXGRID and having a fixed datasource for a dropdown which comes up when i go to edit row cell of column “FIRSTNET” .
    Now i need to bind that dropdown with different source of column “FIRSTNET” , based on a different column “CATEGORY”
    eg. When “CATEGORY” is “Test-1” then Dropdown should show “AB” & “CD” and When “CATEGORY” is “Test-2” then Dropdown should show “GH” & “YZ”
    Anyone please suggest how to change dropdown’s source on cellbeginedit or any other way to get the above functionality ?

    my code like

    $.each(AppKeys.ListColumnName.split(‘,’), function (_rowIndex, i) {
    else if (i.trim() == “FIRSTNET”) {
    /* Begin Abhishek updated filter values – CR #584 – FirstNet Breakdown Options */
    var listfnet = [‘AB’, ‘CD’];
    var listfnetf = [‘FirstNet Capable’, ‘FirstNet Ready’, ‘FirstNet Trusted’, ‘No’, ‘(Blanks)’];
    /* End Abhishek updated filter values – CR #584 – FirstNet Breakdown Options */
    text: ColFrindlyName, columntype: ‘dropdownlist’, filtertype: ‘checkedlist’, datafield: i, width: 100, editable: true,
    rendered: changeColor, filteritems: listfnetf,
    createeditor: function (row, cellvalue, editor, cellText, width, height) {

    checkboxes: false, source: listfnet,
    selectionRenderer: function () {

    return “<span style=’top:4px; position: relative;’>Please Choose:</span>”;


    cellbeginedit: function (row, datafield, columntype, ) {

    /* End CR #678 */
    gGridData = gridData;
    var source = {
    datafields: lstDatafields,
    datatype: “array”,
    localdata: {},
    totalrecords: gtotalRecords
    editable: true,
    pagesize: parseInt(AppKeys.PageSize),
    selectionmode: ‘checkbox’,
    //editmode: ‘Dblclick’,
    width: ‘100%’,
    //height: 0,
    enablebrowserselection: true,
    keyboardnavigation: false,
    source: adapter,
    altrows: true,
    sortable: true,
    filterable: true,
    virtualmode: true,
    pageable: true,
    rendergridrows: rendergridrows,
    columnsresize: true,
    columnsreorder: true,
    ready: function () {
    autoshowfiltericon: false,
    autoheight: false,
    height: gheight,
    showsortcolumnbackground: false,
    showfiltercolumnbackground: true,
    enabletooltips: true,
    columns: lstGridColumns




    To change the datasource of an editor, you should use the ‘initeditor’ callback of the column. Example; https://www.jqwidgets.com/jquery-widgets-demo/demos/jqxgrid/cascadingediting.htm?fluent

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,
    Peter Stoev


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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