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  • aeroniva

    lets say I have a mysql database with tables configured like so


    and I’ve use two jqx-comboboxes one for state and another for city in my related html page. what I’m trying to accomplish is when user select a state in the first combobox the second option box asynchronously load all the name of the cities in that state using another script ( get_cities.php) using GET request and in the JSON format. on the other hand the combobox for the cities has a js code like this:

    $(document).ready(function () {
           var source_cities =
                    datatype: "json",
                    // cache: false,
                    datafields: [
                        { name : 'city_name'},
                        { name: 'city_ID'},
                    id: 'cc',
                    url: '../get_cities.php',
                    fetch_cities: function (state_ID)
                        var data="cc="+state_ID;
                              type: "GET",
                              dataType: "json",
                              url: "../get_models.php", 
                              data: data,
                              success: function(data)
            var dataAdapter = new $.jqx.dataAdapter(source_cities);
            $('#cities_combo').jqxComboBox({ source: dataAdapter, displayMember: 'city_name' , valueMember: 'city_ID',itemHeight: 38, height: 35, width: 268,placeHolder:"",

    and I have attached a onchange event listener to the first combobox(the one that user choses the state) like so

    $('#state_combo').on('change', function (event) {
            var args = event.args;
            if (args) {
            var item = args.item;
            var val = item.value;
            $('#cities_combo').jqxComboBox('fetch_cities' , val);

    I dont have much of experiance with jquery and ajax and jqxwidgets .Does anyone knows what I’m doing worng and how I’, suppose to do it!


    Hello aeroniva,

    You may want to look at the jqxComboBox demo for Cascading Comboboxes.

    It is quite similar to what you want to achieve, so I hope it works for you.

    Best Regards,

    jQWidgets Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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