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    In the demo example here

    is there a reason that keyboard editing of the date filter is disabled? What do I need to do to allow user to edit with keyboard?



    filterrow for type:date #90346

    Peter Stoev

    Hi jessiema,

    It is not disabled even in that Grid demo. When the DatetimeInput’s popup is displayed you can use the keyboard to navigate through dates. Pressing Enter applies the filter to the Grid.

    Best Regards,
    Peter Stoev

    jQWidgets Team

    filterrow for type:date #92037


    Hello Peter,

    we’re facing the same problem.

    Within the demo with the filter row (linked above) the user can’t type in a date with the keyboard as already stated by jessiema. It can just be inserted via the calendar popup. In that way it behaves different compared to using the date input in the menu filter or within row editing mode where it is possible to just type in the date via keyboard.

    Is it a bug or is it possible to activate the same functionality for the filter row too?

    Best regards

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