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    I’m embedding jqxNavigator (and other jqxWidgets) into panels in a jqxDockPanel layout.
    I copied and pasted the jqxNavigatorBar demo source (Default Functionality) from here

    But on loading the embedded code in jqxDockPanel page I get this error …

    Invalid jqxNavigationBar structure. Please add an even number of child div elements that will represent each item’s header and content.

    I count the number of child div elements inside root div id=”jqxNavigatorBar” to be an even number (6) as copied and pasted exactly from the default demo.

    Any ideas why I get this error message?   Perhaps mismatched div elements?

    I tried changing the embedded jqxNavigationBar to sit in another panel .. in fact ‘content’ .. and I get the same error.

    However using exactly the same copied and pasted jqxNavigationBar code I managed to get it working in a more basic merge of  the two default demos jqxDockPanel and jqxNavigationBar.

    So it seems that my more complex jqxDockPanel (too complex to post here)  has a problem.

    What debugging approach is suggested?  I can inspect content of different divs using this debugging script.

           // trace div elements
                var h = $(“#jqxDockPanel”).html(); // get html
                var t = $(“#jqxDockPanel”).text(); // get text
                alert (h);
                alert (t);
                var h = $(“#content”).html(); // get html
                var t = $(“#content”).text(); // get text
                alert (h);
                alert (t);



    Peter Stoev

    Hi d_l,

    If the structure that you created for jqxNavigationBar is not correct, i.e you do not have pairs of header/content, you will end up with such error message. From your post, I cannot say what is wrong on your side so please, post a sample which demonstrates that behavior.

    Best Regards,
    Peter Stoev

    jQWidgets Team


    I decided to start again from the ground up.

    I recreated jqxDockPanel (with 10 panels) but initially without nested jqxWidgets.
    That worked.

    I nested jqxNavigationBar into a target panel in jqxDockPanel.
    That worked.

    I’ve not changed the embedded jqxNavigatorBar code which generated my earlier error.
    So the conclusion is there is some conflict with other code..

    I intend to keep adding widgets into panels one by one until I find where the framework breaks.

    I’m hoping to find some sort of generic debugging process to use such as Firefox -> Firebug logging.


    This will be useful as I continue adding nested widgets.

    I’ve found this online validator useful for flagging errors in element matching.


    But unfortunately it doesn’t show where there are missing tags (if any).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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