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    Is it possible to built multiple comboboxes at runtime programatically? I’m doing:
    var root = document.getElementById(‘root’);
    var selectLength = document.getElementsByTagName(‘select’).length;
    var selectlist = document.createElement(‘select’);
    selectlist.id = “select” + selectLength;
    selectlist.onclick = ‘alert();’;

    var ops = new Array(“first”, “second”, “thrid”, “fourth”, “fifth”);
    for (var i = 0; i < ops.length; i++) {
    var o = document.createElement(“option”);
    var t = document.createTextNode(ops[i]);
    o.setAttribute(“value”, ops[i]);

    And need the ability to add multiple jqxComboBox comboboxes. I may need to create 10 or more boxes based upon the selected value of the prior selected value, can this be done using jqxComboBox?


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    Hello morgenweck,

    This can be achieved. You would have to dynamically call the comboboxes’ initialization code after the respective select elements have been appended to the document. E.g., call the following line after the code you posted:

    $("#" + selectlist.id).jqxComboBox({ width: 300, height: 25 });

    Best Regards,

    jQWidgets team

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