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    “Detective Conan full” also known as “Case Closed,” has numerous episodes and cases that feature its main character, Conan Edogawa (Shinichi Kudo). While listing all of them would be quite extensive, I can mention some notable episodes and arcs:

    Moonlight Sonata Murder Case (Episodes 11-12): One of the early cases where Conan uses his deductive skills to solve a murder mystery during a piano recital.

    The Kidnapped Debutante Case (Episodes 35-36): Conan showcases his detective abilities when a famous debutante goes missing during a play.

    The Clock Tower Heist (Episodes 48-49): Conan unravels a series of crimes involving a clock tower and art heists.

    The Roller Coaster Murder Case (Episodes 61-62): A murder occurs on a roller coaster, and Conan must decipher the clues to solve it.

    The Night Baron Murder Case (Episodes 91-92): Conan investigates the murder of a popular motorcycle racer.

    The Old Blue Castle Investigation Case (Episodes 176-178): An extended arc involving a historic mansion, treasure, and mysterious deaths.

    The Desperate Revival Arc (Episodes 188-193): This arc reveals more about Conan’s past and the organization responsible for his transformation.

    The Kudo Shinichi Returns! Showdown with the Black Organization Arc (Episodes 521-523): A significant arc where Conan temporarily regains his original body and confronts the Black Organization.

    The Mystery Train Arc (Episodes 783-784 and Movie 21): Conan and others are trapped on a luxury train, trying to solve a murder and prevent further crimes.

    The Scarlet Bullet Movie (Movie 24): A feature film that presents a complex case during a major sports event, highlighting Conan’s deduction skills.

    These are just a few examples, and the “Detective Conan” series has an extensive list of cases and episodes that showcase Conan’s detective prowess and his journey to uncover the truth behind his transformation while solving various mysteries.

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