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    In jqxGrid, when pageable is true, scrolling with a mouse wheel or a Magic Mouse is very smooth and linear. When scrolling in a jqxListBox, jqxDropDownBox, and a couple of other controls, it’s paging instead of scrolling. This provides for a very unpleasant user experience. You can try it on your own demo page at http://www.jqwidgets.com/jquery-widgets-demo/demos/jqxlistbox/index.htm

    It would be nice to be able set the scroll rate so it behaves like people are used to. For instance, if I open the a bookmarks folder in Chrome that has more entries than lines on the screen, the scrolling is very smooth and natural. When a jqxDropDown list with all 50 states is presented, and there’s only room for 10 lines, the jerky, jumpy motion that it current exhibits makes it difficult to scroll close enough to the state you want to click it.

    Any solutions to this problem?

    Change mouse wheel scroll rate? #78183


    Hi jcwren,

    Unfortunately at this moment there is no option to set the scroll rate about these widgets.

    Best Regards,
    Ivailo Ivanov

    jQWidgets Team

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