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    I discovered a strange bug‚Ķ and after a few hours of crazy debug attempts, here is the jsFiddle to reproduce it :¬

    I’ll try to explain :¬
    on the jsfiddle, you’ll see that I Created 5 appointments, with a recurrencepattern until max 20 october.

    clic on “next week” a few times : you’ll see that these 5 appointments disappear on the week “19 octobre 2020 – 26 octobre 2020”.

    You’ll say : “uuuh, This is totally normal. the end is on 20th of october”

    BUT : clic once again on next week : and the appointments 1 and 5 appears once again on week 26/10 to 02/11 !!!!!

    the only difference between appointment 1 and 5 and the other appointments are:
    – the recurrencepattern stops JUST THE DAY BEFORE the next recurrence (it stops on a sunday for appointment 1 which appears every MONDAY, and it stops on TUESDAY on appointment 5, which appears every WEDNESDAY)

    the effect is that on this special case, you’ll see the appointment appear ONCE, just 2 weeks after the end.
    I think this is the only case where the bug appears.

    It’s quite urgent to correct this, I have hundreds of users that are getting mad with these “ghost appointments”.

    [EDIT : I just discovered a way to correct it : replace T235959Z at the end of each recurrencepattern with : T210000Z, and it works !!!
    (if you replace with T220000Z, it won’t work either !!!) )
    many thanx

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    Hello fabriceb,

    Thank you for the feedback.
    I will create a work item for this.

    Best Regards,
    Hristo Hristov

    jQWidgets team

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