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    I had to delve into the jqxDateTimeInput code for this one. The methodology used by the jqxDateTimeInput uses an oversized container and flips it based on browser bounds by shifting it within that container by 23px. This means you need the dropdown height + 23px to not trigger a DOM resize event. If you don’t have that the grid triggers a redraw on resize and ends the celledit before you can select an item … while leaving the jqxDateTimeInput open.

    By adjusting the testOffset function to take this 23px into account and modifying where the test is used to remove the jqx-popout-up when it goes down (not sure … why it doesn’t do that already). You can get it to behave correctly. If the methodology didn’t use an oversized container it would be more ideal, since it would go down until it ran out of space not needing the extra 23px margin, but that’s your alls call.

    Most test grids have large margins so I can see how this didn’t show up in testing but I’m embedding it in a single page app where I’m having to squeeze in all available screenspace since we are trying to remove the need for scrolling. While I wouldn’t consider this ‘breaking’ for the jqxDateTimeInput itself it definitely breaks it within the context of the jqxGrid for generally 1 row (the last one that goes down before the rest go up) if it triggers a redraw.

    I fixed the issue in my code, but don’t know where to post grid breaking bugs, and EULA says I can’t post jqxwidget code up here.

    Peter Stoev

    Thank you for reporting an issue.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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