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    I have several grids within my site, some are virtual and some are local, but all have events that require the grid to update its content.

    I am using the ‘updatebounddata’ event to update and refresh the content within the grid, however, what I would also like is an event on the grid that detects when the grid has been refreshed/updated. Something to effectively run every time I run ‘updatebounddata’.

    I was originally using ‘ready’, but then realized this only fired when the grid is initialised…

    Something like this would be perfect:

    source: dataAdapter,
    onUpdate: function(){
    // Do some stuff here

    Are there any existing events that I have missed from the documentation?

    I am aware that I could simply run my function when I call the ‘updateboundata’, but this will not be called when the grid is first built…

    I have also looked at the ‘rendered’ event, is this the one I should use?

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    Best Way to detect Grid Update #21863

    Peter Stoev


    The Grid’s bindingcomplete event is raised when the data is updated.

    Best Regards,
    Peter Stoev

    jQWidgets Team

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