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    I have one problem

    how can add new row at first of grid rows when call addrow method

    I use grid with following option

    virtualmode: true,
    pageable: true,
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    Hello abasan,

    You need to call the ‘addrow’ method and give it the parameters it needs.
    I suggest taking a look at our API.
    You will need to add the desired position in the example.

    Best Regards,

    jQWidgets Team

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    I have add a row where user select row,
    this is my code,( I provide JQX menu)

    if ($.trim($(args).text()) == “Insert Row”) {
    var args = event.args;
    var selectedRowindex = $(“#jqxBoqgrid”).jqxGrid(‘getselectedrowindex’);
    var DestinationRowIndex = selectedRowindex + 1;
    $(‘#jqxBoqgrid’).jqxGrid(‘addrow’, selectedRowindex, {}, DestinationRowIndex);

    I can add row any place, but when I edit this row, next row also replaced , I have several drop downs on row and when change these rows only automatically replaced next row record)

    ( …………..
    geteditorvalue: function (row, cellvalue, editor) {
    var unitItem = editor.jqxDropDownList(“getSelectedItem”);
    return unitItem.label;

    I am really appreciated if you can help me to solve this issue. Client wants to add row anywhere to grid and I should keep a sequence when print report

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    hello iroshi7e7

    I think you pass row id in correct

    var value = $('#jqxGrid').jqxGrid('addrow', rowid, newdata,rowPosition);
    @param row id. Pass null, if you want the new id to be auto-generated or pass a row id.
    @param row data. The expected value is a JSON Object.

    if you pass selectedRowindex for new row id it replace selectedRow
    try pass null or row id that is not used before.

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    This will insert the new row as the first one in the grid. The normal addRow appends to the end by default. So passing that ‘first’ parameter is critical to controlling the position. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. And if you ever need assistance on assignments involving JS grid work, services, like make my assignment for me, can help take tasks off your plate when things get busy. Happy coding!

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    You can call this addRowToBeginning function whenever you want to add a new row at the beginning of the grid. Just pass the data for the new row as an argument to this function. Make sure to replace dataSource with your actual data source variable. If you have more queries you can ask from the best assignment writing service in Dubai for any tasks.

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