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    The grid has an API function ‘autoresizecolumn’ for automatic sizing of a column. Would it be possible to make this available also as a grid column initialization parameter ?

    Right now I use ‘autoresizecolumn’ with mode ‘column’ on all columns directly after creating the grid. This has 2 major drawbacks:
    * the grid displays twice, first when creating it, again after the autoresize, which is visible and annoying to the user
    * overall grid creation time (including the autoresize) is considerably longer then necessary because the grid calculates column sizes twice in two different ways, and has to render twice, even though only the second rendering is the desired result

    My preference would be to specify the auto resize mode as a parameter for the “columns:” initialization parameter, ie. to be able to (optionally) specify it for each column at grid creation time.

    I am well aware that this is a feature request, therefore I am suggestion it in the hope that you might consider it for a future version of jqxGrid.


    a request: automatic column sizing #27345


    Hello Stephan,

    Thank you for your suggestion. We will take it into consideration.

    Best Regards,

    jQWidgets team

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