Binding a jQuery Grid to a JSON String

In this post, we will illustrate how to populate the jqxGrid widget with JSON string data. The data that we’ll use is:
var data = [{ "CompanyName": "Alfreds Futterkiste", "ContactName": "Maria Anders", "ContactTitle": "Sales Representative", "Address": "Obere Str. 57", "City": "Berlin", "Country": "Germany" }, { "CompanyName": "Ana Trujillo Emparedados y helados", "ContactName": "Ana Trujillo", "ContactTitle": "Owner", "Address": "Avda. de la Constitucin 2222", "City": "Mxico D.F.", "Country": "Mexico" }, { "CompanyName": "Antonio Moreno Taquera", "ContactName": "Antonio Moreno", "ContactTitle": "Owner", "Address": "Mataderos 2312", "City": "Mxico D.F.", "Country": "Mexico" }, { "CompanyName": "Around the Horn", "ContactName": "Thomas Hardy", "ContactTitle": "Sales Representative", "Address": "120 Hanover Sq.", "City": "London", "Country": "UK" }, { "CompanyName": "Berglunds snabbkp", "ContactName": "Christina Berglund", "ContactTitle": "Order Administrator", "Address": "Berguvsvgen 8", "City": "Lule", "Country": "Sweden" }, { "CompanyName": "Blauer See Delikatessen", "ContactName": "Hanna Moos", "ContactTitle": "Sales Representative", "Address": "Forsterstr. 57", "City": "Mannheim", "Country": "Germany" }, { "CompanyName": "Blondesddsl pre et fils", "ContactName": "Frdrique Citeaux", "ContactTitle": "Marketing Manager", "Address": "24, place Klber", "City": "Strasbourg", "Country": "France" }, { "CompanyName": "Blido Comidas preparadas", "ContactName": "Martn Sommer", "ContactTitle": "Owner", "Address": "C\/ Araquil, 67", "City": "Madrid", "Country": "Spain" }, { "CompanyName": "Bon app'", "ContactName": "Laurence Lebihan", "ContactTitle": "Owner", "Address": "12, rue des Bouchers", "City": "Marseille", "Country": "France" }, { "CompanyName": "Bottom-Dollar Markets", "ContactName": "Elizabeth Lincoln", "ContactTitle": "Accounting Manager", "Address": "23 Tsawassen Blvd.", "City": "Tsawassen", "Country": "Canada" }, { "CompanyName": "B's Beverages", "ContactName": "Victoria Ashworth", "ContactTitle": "Sales Representative", "Address": "Fauntleroy Circus", "City": "London", "Country": "UK" }, { "CompanyName": "Cactus Comidas para llevar", "ContactName": "Patricio Simpson", "ContactTitle": "Sales Agent", "Address": "Cerrito 333", "City": "Buenos Aires", "Country": "Argentina" }, { "CompanyName": "Centro comercial Moctezuma", "ContactName": "Francisco Chang", "ContactTitle": "Marketing Manager", "Address": "Sierras de Granada 9993", "City": "Mxico D.F.", "Country": "Mexico" }, { "CompanyName": "Chop-suey Chinese", "ContactName": "Yang Wang", "ContactTitle": "Owner", "Address": "Hauptstr. 29", "City": "Bern", "Country": "Switzerland" }, { "CompanyName": "Comrcio Mineiro", "ContactName": "Pedro Afonso", "ContactTitle": "Sales Associate", "Address": "Av. dos Lusadas, 23", "City": "Sao Paulo", "Country": "Brazil" }, { "CompanyName": "Consolidated Holdings", "ContactName": "Elizabeth Brown", "ContactTitle": "Sales Representative", "Address": "Berkeley Gardens 12 Brewery", "City": "London", "Country": "UK" }, { "CompanyName": "Drachenblut Delikatessen", "ContactName": "Sven Ottlieb", "ContactTitle": "Order Administrator", "Address": "Walserweg 21", "City": "Aachen", "Country": "Germany" }, { "CompanyName": "Du monde entier", "ContactName": "Janine Labrune", "ContactTitle": "Owner", "Address": "67, rue des Cinquante Otages", "City": "Nantes", "Country": "France" }, { "CompanyName": "Eastern Connection", "ContactName": "Ann Devon", "ContactTitle": "Sales Agent", "Address": "35 King George", "City": "London", "Country": "UK" }, { "CompanyName": "Ernst Handel", "ContactName": "Roland Mendel", "ContactTitle": "Sales Manager", "Address": "Kirchgasse 6", "City": "Graz", "Country": "Austria"}];
To set the above data as a data source, you need to create a source object, set its datatype to ‘json’ and the localdata member to point to the data object.
// prepare the data
var source =
datatype: "json",
datafields: [
{ name: 'CompanyName' },
{ name: 'ContactName' },
{ name: 'ContactTitle' },
{ name: 'Address' },
{ name: 'City' },
{ name: 'Country' }
localdata: data
var dataAdapter = new $.jqx.dataAdapter(source);
The final step is to initialize the Grid.
source: dataAdapter,
columns: [
{ text: 'Company Name', datafield: 'CompanyName', width: 250 },
{ text: 'Contact Name', datafield: 'ContactName', width: 150 },
{ text: 'Contact Title', datafield: 'ContactTitle', width: 180 },
{ text: 'City', datafield: 'City', width: 120 },
{ text: 'Postal Code', datafield: 'PostalCode', width: 90 },
{ text: 'Country', datafield: 'Country', width: 100 }

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