UI Controls and Tag Helpers for ASP.NET MVC Core

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ASP .NET Core jQWidgets UI Controls and Tag Helpers for ASP.NET MVC Core

Latest technologies

Tag Helpers is a new feature in ASP.NET that enables server-side code in Razor files. Tag Helpers provide HTML-friendly development experience in the Razor markup and it looks a lot like regular HTML. Front-end developers familiar with HTML, JavaScript and CSS can quickly get used to the Razor syntax.

Enterprise UI framework

jQWidgets for ASP.NET MVC Core is a feature complete library of MVC Tag Helpers built around the core jQWidgets HTML5 UI Framework. The library includes over 70 professional UI controls and plugins. Developers already familiar with the jQWidgets JavaScript API can learn to use Tag Helpers relatively easily.

Quality, Experience & Trust

While ASP.NET MVC Core is a relatively new technology we are not cutting any corners. We have it all covered end-to-end and you can count on the maturity and high quality of our HTML5 Framework which is used by thousands of companies, non-profits and government departments.

Getting started with jQWidgets for MVC Core

To learn how to setup jQWidgets for ASP.NET MVC Core, check or easy to use step by step instructions:

Tag Helpers Live Examples and Source code

When it comes to a newly released technology, nothing is better than seeing a few working code samples. As usual we provide more than that - a comprehensive set of examples that show you how to use the full capabilities of our HTML5 UI Framework in your ASP.NET MVC Core projects.

Tag Helpers for Twitter Bootstrap

For those of you who use Twitter Bootstrap, we have yet another good set of Tag Helpers. We developed more than two dozen Tag Helpers to help you use Bootstrap with the new ASP.NET MVC Core. You can find more about the project, see a live demo and download the library from our Bootstrap Tag Helpers page: