Angular ToolBar

In this blog we will present the capabilities of our Angular ToolBar.

The Angular toolbar represents a rectangular space where different tools and other components can be added. It supports buttons, toggle buttons, dropdown lists, input components and others. The Toolbar is typically used with text editors to enable choosing fonts, font sizes, changing to bold, italic and underlined and inputting texts to be searched. Additional custom tools can be created and added.

Angular ToolBar basic capabilities

Our ToolBar component is resizable and when there is not enough space to show all the tools they get minimized and appear in a minimized popup.

In addition the ToolBar allows you to insert new tools via the API on the first and last position. You can also get the tool index and to disable, enable and destroy the individual tools.

The ToolBar component also allows to make some tools non-minimizable. By default the combobox and the input control cannot be minimized.

Angular ToolBar

Angular ToolBox advanced capabilities

One of the interesting features is that you can have button groups. By modifying the tools definition you can separate the buttons in groups.

You can also have cascading comboboxes. This means that when you choose an item in the first combobox, the second combobox can change its data based on the item.

In addition our ToolBar for Angular supports also right-to-left layout.

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