Angular TextArea

In this blog we will discuss the features of our Angular TextArea.

The TextArea resembles a text input field where you can enter regular text however it can also provide suggestions in a list below the input field while you are typing. The suggestions have to be entered beforehand into a simple JavaScript array. The array is provided to the Angular TextArea by the source property

TextArea components can be very useful when you want to facilitate the user with suggestions while entering text but you do not want to show all the options in a list below the text field. In this way the options get filtered while the user enters the text.

Angular TextArea Features

The TextArea supports automatic binding. You can bind it easily to JSON data. Two-way data binding is also supported.

Angular TextArea

It also supports multiple values. This feature will enable you to autocomplete multiple values into a single field. This means that you can choose a country for example and continue typing the city and get suggestions.

Like all component in the JQWidgets framework the TextArea is responsive and the width can be set in percentages.

With the TextArea you can also enable right to left layout.

You can see an example here.

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