Angular Tabs features

Tabs Component Introduction

In this blog we will show you the main features of our Tabs component for Angular.

The Tabs component for Angular allows you to have several views in the space of one and the same window. The different views have tabs on top of them and you can select them by clicking on the respective tab. The Tabs component is very often used when you have similar categories and you want to show the information for each category in the same space.

Apart from the standard features our Tabs component has a lot of advanced feature. One of this features is Select Animation. The select animation changes the background and the text color of the Tab when the mouse is over it. Another advanced feature is the Content Animation. Enabling this feature makes the content appear gradually when the Tab is selected.

Angular Tabs

The Tab component for Angular allows you to have images in the Tab. You can choose where to place the image next to the text.

Another advanced feature is that you can have a Close Button next to the Tab. When you click the Close Button the respective Tab will be removed from the Tabs list.

When there is not enough space to show all the Tabs there will appear automatically Scroll Buttons. You can choose the position of the Scroll Buttons (left, right or both).

One very useful advanced feature is the drag and drop. You can drag one Tab and drop it before or after another Tab and thus reorder the Tabs in the Angular Tabs component.

The tabs can be collapsible and the content can be not only text but a map for example, or other components.

And last but not least like all our components the Tabs component for Angular is fluid and supports Keyboard Navigation and Right to Left Layout.

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