Angular Pie Chart

In this blog we will introduce the main capabilities of our pie chart for Angular.

The Pie chart represents a circle (resembling a pie) which is cut into slices proportional to the size of the measured data. It is frequently used to visualize the difference in percentages of the data values. The slices can be set with different colors and can have labels.

Angular Pie Chart basic features

One of the basic features of our Pie Chart for Angular is that it supports different colors and coloring schemas.

Another feature is that it enables a popup which displays data from the legend to appear when you are positioned above a specific slice.

Angular Pie Chart

Angular Pie Chart advanced features

One of the advanced features is animation. When you enable animation and position above a certain slice it grows in comparison with the other slices.

Another advanced feature is the ability to have a legend. The legend has small rectangles with the same color as the slices showing information what each slice represents.

In addition you can also have partial pie series. This is very convenient when you want to save space and have several charts showing different information.

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