OLAP Rendering with our Pivot Grid for Angular

OLAP (Online analytical processing) tools are used in Business Intelligence to analyze and visualize multi-dimensional data quickly. They are very convenient when you want to see the data from multiple perspectives. Often the resulting data sets come as a result from MDA (multi-dimensional analysis) queries.

Typically the OLAP data has dimensions, measures and aggregations. You can drill down the dimensions and see the corresponding measures and aggregates. You can easily change the dimensions or add additional ones and quickly introduce new measures and aggregations.

OLAP Style Pivot Grid Angular

jQWidgets Pivot Grid for Angular gives you the capability to render the data in OLAP style. It is very flexible and offers excellent performance with large data sets. The Pivot Table designer component which comes with the Pivot Grid for Angular can help you quickly add new dimensions in real time.

Demos: Angular Pivot Grid

Documentation: Angular Components Docs

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